Monday, March 20, 2017


I spent yesterday and today on the road. I had an emergency in Washington and I drove down for the day and back up this morning.

I noticed many things on the drive and i shall share a few.

First, New Jersey still requires gas stations attendants to pump the gas for you. Now, while this is annoying often - on this blow through the state it was quite nice. You can stop on the toll road, pull up to the pump, tell them what you want and then go pee.

When you have returned they have filled your car, cleaned your windows and you give them a buck and you're on your way.

Second, the New Jersey Turnpike toll road seems to give you a license to speed. I set the cruise control at 81 and was passed very often.

Third, Maryland a very cool state flag.

Which the university has turned into a nice logo. 
I stopped at the rest stop to see if they had a t-shirt. 
They did not, but they had this hideous shorts. 

Ed did NOT get a pair.

Fourth: Open Joints.

Virginia has the occasional "Open Joints" sign. This does not refer to either a fast food dive that is open, nor is it a reminder to tighten your marijuana cigarettes.

I looked it up and it is actually makes sense and isn't over used.