Tuesday, March 28, 2017

That Picture Isn't As Cool As You Think It Is...

Kim Jong Un has a picture of himself explaining life to his generals. There are a few things wrong with the picture.  Let's take a "Highlights" moment and see how many you see:

  1. His pants seem to be very big, very long cu-lots. Unflattering.
  2. The buildings are quite empty - why would he people not live there? I say because living in a highrise with only 1 or 2 hours of electricity a day is pretty annoying. Photoshop in some bar-b-ques on the balcomies.
  3. General #3's notepad is too small.
  4. General #2 has to pee.
  5. General #1 already poop'ed his pants.
  6. The road has big commie-concrete cracks that were paved right before this picture - let them dry before the photo-op!
  7. Looks like the building on the right was badly photo-shopped  to infinity.
  8. What is coming out of the Dear Leader's head?
  9. The "Burnt Orange" highlights on the building on the left clashes with all the green on the other buildings  and with the dung brown uniforms.
How many did you find?

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