Wednesday, May 24, 2017

California Highway 1 Suffers MORE Damage

California Highway 1 is one of the prettiest roads in the world. It is similar (but prettier) than a drive along the Capetown Coast.

Our pictures are in storage or I would share the picture of Ed and I along the coast drive. I took him on one of our early trips because I wanted to associate the beauty of the place in his mind with me, the pups and California.

Severe weather (which some might say has been made worst by climate change, but we don't believe that in American anymore) has screwed with the cost.
The bridge was damaged, so you can see the temporary road being built around it.

First - slides caused cracks in the gorgeous bridge that everyone (including Eddie and I) takes a picture. Now that was old, it was build in the 1930s. Back when depressions were addressed by government action to put people back to work - or, as Trump, McConnel and Ryan call it - socialism.

Anywho, it was old and it made a little sense that it cracked.

But the other day a mudslide of epic proportions took out a huge part of the road.

But this is in no way due to severe weather from climate change. Its a random event due to the third "1,000 year storm" in less than 12 months.

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