Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Dance of the Morons..

There is outrage, there is humor, there is gallows humor and then there is American Politics cirica 2017...

Lets us rack up some nincompoopery, shall we?
  1. President Trump commented that Andrew Jackson (slave owner) would have avoided the Civil War with some "great solution".
  2. President Trump (same interview) said "no one ever asked why there was a Civil War".
  3. President Trump (same interview) was surprised Abraham Lincoln was a Republican.
  4. President Trump (in a CBS interview) said "I don't stand by any of my statements."
  5. When asked if the President's historical and recent admiration for dictators (with examples being called out of Russia, North Korea, Philippines, Turkey, Hungary, Saddam Hussein in Iraq and Momar Qaddafi in Libya) was a change from US values where we don't support totalitarians, Spokesman Sean Spicer replied that they were all in the neighborhood of North Korea and we needed them all as friends. No one told Spicey that Qaddafi and Hussein are dead.
  6. The Senator from Wyoming noted that anyone that doesn't dress in gender norms is asking to be beaten.  This was in the context of a Q&A at a High School !
  7. Freedom Caucus AL Representative Mo Brooks said yesterday that people with pre-existing health conditions just aren't living their lives "the right way". So bad on you for having cancer, asthma, being a woman, having the gene for Sickle Cell, having relatives with mental problems, ever having given birth to a child, previously being hit by a car, once exposed to measles, well the list of bad ways to live goes on and on. Why don't you just come out and say, AIDs or Cervical Cancer?
  8. Presidential Special Advisor, Chief of Mid-East Negotiations, Chairman of the Task Force to Reinvent Government and head mensch, Jarrod Kusner, "forgot" to disclose that he was a $1 Billion dollar partner in a real estate startup with George Soros, partners from Goldman Sachs and Peter Thiel. Whoopsie.
  9. The American people are treated series 60 episode 8 of the Soap Opera Repeal & Replace Obamacare. In our current episode, the President of the United States has guaranteed that per-existing conditions will be covered, he insisted on that. Which, might be true, if "by covered" you mean that the insurers can charge whatever the hell they want for it.  (But this show looks up for cancellation - so don't get too attached.)
  10. 10. Secretary of Commerce Wilber Ross told a benefit of investors in Beverly Hills that the missile attack on Syria was "after dinner entertainment for the Chinese President from President Trump." Ohhhh Willlbbberrrr.

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