Wednesday, May 10, 2017

GTF Out Of Dodge....

Fire 1.

President Fires the Acting Attorney General
President Lashes out at the Russian Influence probe.
President claims former President "wire-tapped" him.
President colludes with head of Congressional Russian investigation about leaks
May 9 - President fires Independent Head of the FBI

Fire 2.

Presidential Candidate harps on "fake news media"
Presidential Candidate threatens to change libel laws.
President harps on Fake News outlets.
May 9 - Journalist arrested for asking Secretary of Health and Human Services a question about the new health care law (link)

Fire 3.
Congress investigates Hillary Clinton over Benghazi for 6 years, and spends over 8 million dollars. Finds nothing.
Congress and FBI investigate Hillary Clinton over yjr private use of an email server and find nothing worth prosecuting.
Congress shuts down investigations of Russian / Trump Campaign and turns to looking at who was leaking information - because "nothing is there".
May 9 - Subpoenas issued by a Grand Jury to find out the details of Trump Campaign's agent Micheal Flynn's business ties with Russia.

I love a Jacuzzi... (55,000 euros)

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