Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Kykuit in the Spring

This week-end Ed, Randy and I went up to Kykuit - the Rockefeller Estate.  it had just opened for the season and I wanted to see it in the spring.

First set of pictures are below.

The house itself and the front driveway.

The detail on the left defines the seasons they were at Kykuit (Spring, Summer and Fall). On the right it was what they were interested in, Architecture, Art and Music

The view from the deck with the Hudson in the background and the Palisades past them.

The view again, from the secret garden.  The view is set so it is framed by the trees. The hedges are cut to mimic the Palisades Hills beyond the river.

Ed and a side view of the house under the Linden Trees

Garden Statues and the Tea House

The Italian Gardens.  The depressions were pools in the 1940s

One of the many places to sit and relaxe

This is a fountain of the River Gods

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