Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Little Walk up Central Park West This Week-End Part 1

The cap of the American History Museum with statues of Boone, Audubon, Clark and Lewis
This week-end Eddie and I walked up Central Park West to the Time Warner Center for lunch and shopping.

I thought I would take some pictures from top (i.e. 110th Street) to bottom (59th).
An old religious study building turned into condos. I love this place

First Church of Christ, Science - and one of the first "skyscraper" churches that included rooms for social activities not just prayer - built 1903
The Beresford. Kind of dull, but a cool top. Built 1929 - First Apartment building were elevators opened into Apartment,not onto a hallway!
The new Teddy Roosevelt addition to the Museum of Natural History (which was originally more of the turret section in the back).

Teddy Roosevelt Entrance (Detail of top at top of post)

Teddy Roosevelt statue. Leading the "lesser" races to enlightenment And, yes - I know that is offensive, but that statue was seen as quite progressive itself when it was done because Teddy believed that eventually all races would be uplifted

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