Saturday, May 13, 2017

Lucky (?) To LIve Through Watergate

I was a freshman in high school when the Watergate Hearings occurred. And I was in a civics / social studies advanced placement class and every day while the hearings we on, we watched. My teacher at the time told us that we were witnessing history and for the entire two weeks of hearings we watched the Watergate Headings during class. He played the hearings during our school breaks and we could go in and watch (the 3 hour difference in time worked in our favor then).

The hearings were done live on television.  It was a bipartisan committee headed by Sam Ervin (D) and James Baker (R).  The Senate vote to have a select committee investigating the Obstruction of Justice charges against the President was 77 - 0.  Contrast that to the Republicans today, who put party and Donald Trump above the government.

At the time it was a big deal. Only now do I realize how big a deal. Only now do I understand that those men cared more about the country than party or party loyalty.

Today's Congress is to that Congress as cubic zirconia is to diamonds.

Today's country is to my country then as the TV show Gunsmoke is to the actual Old West, an empty facade.

This is a historic time as well, we get to sit and watch as the President turns our democracy, openly and abetted by politicians, into a shell game that enriches him, his family and a sliver of people of the world. I doubt that high school students today will look back and this travesty and thank the politicians for their devotion to the country.

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