Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mainly Done With Trump on Nincompoopery

So it is a resolution I will probably break, but - except for a weekly update - I'm probably done talking about Donald Trump.

You see has committed the crime of Obstruction of Justice. That isn't an opinion. He stated it to Lester Holt. It is in the "official" notes of the Trump / Russian Ambassador meeting.
Where Trump said he made the decision to fire Comey before the DOJ report because of "this Russia Thing".
The Republicans in Congress don't care about our country's values or the rule of the law.  So, it isn't really the country I was raised to believe it was, right? The President illegally obstruction justice not just of an investigation, but of an investigation of our enemy. There is a reasonable argument to be made for Treason, but I don't need to go there. He is already guilty - SELF ADMITTEDLY guilty to Obstruction of Justice, and the Congress doesn't care.

This isn't the country I was taught I lived in when I was in school. It isn't the country I believed in. This isn't the country Americans fought and died for.

And Congress, in swearing before God to Protect the Constitution, are - if you believe in that sort of thing - are doomed to an eternity burning in hell. So there is no point getting angry anymore. No one cares.

And, in fact, complaining about it will probably just get us all thrown in jail - so why bother. Enjoy the fucking bananas I say.

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