Monday, May 01, 2017

Mascot of the Month - Philip Winchester

Sullivan Scott and (Mascot) Philip Winchester in Strike Back.
So, Eddie and I have started on Season 2 (3 for the Brits) of Strike Back. I really like it. I particularly like the Brit, Michael Stonebridge (which is just such a TV name). He is played by Philip Winchester.

Mr. Winchester is an American with a British mother who trained in Montana and London. If you've been to both, you know that is quite the variety.

He was actually "discovered" at 16 when The Patriot was shooting in Montana and he snagged a role.  This was the Steven Seagal 'the Patriot" in 1998.  Oddly enough he was also in Mel Gibson's "The Patriot" in 2000.

Philip is a very good actor, whom the producers nude up all the time to make the girls and gay boys happy. He doesn't get the gratuitous butt shots his partner doesn't, because Philip's body is amazing, and Sullivan Scott doesn't mind to a lot of butt shots.  A lot.  I have seen way too much of Sullivan Scott's ass.
Scott's gratuitous Philip Winchester shot.

He has also made it through some seriously bad TV and movies. He was Crusoe ( as in Robinson Crusoe) for a season.
He was in a British series of Camelot.

He was seriously badly cast as one of "The Thunder Birds" live action movie.
He was Scott Tracy - while Dad (Bill Pullman) ran International Resue.
And he was part of Flyboys, a vanity project for Larry Ellison's son David, before David realized his forté was Producing, not Acting.
James Franco (center) David Ellison (2nd from left) and Philip Winchester (far right)

The good news is he is now in series Chicago Justice (from Chicago PD). I just don't knwo how they get his shirt off anymore.

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