Monday, May 15, 2017

Oddly, understanding the Right Wing Media Bubble made me feel better

It is a given that we all have the bubble of our news.  For the "right" in America it is Fox news, Breitbart, Drudge and others. For the "left" it is MSNBC. For me, it is often the NY Times - which I think is reasonable, but I have to admit I live in a bubble of reality.

Today, on the podcast "The Daily" (which I listen to M-F when I walk the dog), the NY Times talked with their correspondent that covers the right wing news bubble.  And it, oddly, made me feel better.

Apparently, the right wing news bubble praises President Trump for firing James Comey (which I get - though I don't agree with). Believes it was because the President and others lost faith in Director Comey (OK). And believes that the "liberals" are hypocrites by trashing President Trump for firing someone they have called incompetent (which I understand as well).

Then "The Daily" moderator asked the question that has made me question my government. Which was, "How does the right media bubble explain that changes in the story about WHY Director Comey was fired?"

And the answer was that the bubble never discusses it. It never comes up. Most people in that bubble don't even know that the story behind the firing has changed.

That makes me, oddly, feel better. Incompetence or ignorance (NOT stupidity - they are ignorant as in "not knowing" not as in "stupid") means that those people aren't choosing party over country per say. They simply aren't even aware of the world as I see it.

And yes, oddly, that makes me feel better.

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