Thursday, May 04, 2017

The Line....

The line confuses me.

Apparently, a comic at night saying that Trump's mouth is only good for use as Putin's c**k holster is over the line. That is fair enough.

But Trump bragging to Billy Bush on a miked Access Hollywood segment that he's so famous he can do anything to women, " I can do anything. Walk up, anything! Grab 'em by the pussy." That is not over the line.

Where exactly does that line go?

Since then Stephen Colbert has apologized for his crude choice of words and said he could and should have used better words. (Although he didn't apologize for the joke itself.)

Since then Donald Trump has said it was normal locker room talk and "hey, yeah, okay, I'm sorry if anyone was offended - there I said it. But it is just locker room talk."

And people have their panties in a bunch about Colbert.

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