Monday, May 01, 2017

Tiptoe Through The Tulips....

Eddie in the field of daffodils. Cherry Trees in the background
 Okay, daffodils, but don't know any daffodil songs.

This weekend, Eddie and I went out to the New York Botanical Garden for two things. The first was a a wine and daffodil pairing. The wine tasting was a mess (don't sell, like 3,000 tickets with 10 wineries).

Btu the plants were very very cool.

Daffodils climbing a hill. Those are flowering crab apples to the left of the image.
The NYBG celebrated it's 125 year in 2015 and, in celebration, planted 125,000 daffodils.  The place was a riot of white and yellow.  And Daffodils are Eddie's favorite!
Of course that wasn't all we saw,  As you can tell, the cherry trees were blooming also.

And then there were all the tulips - which we did not tiptoe through.
Full Color up to the Greenhouses

Red Tulips.

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