Tuesday, May 16, 2017

What New Asshattery Is This?

Well kids, it's time for WTF.

So this week in asshattery, our President has outdone himself. He has proven to be completely unable to keep track of his own lies. Now, terms of sticking with the lie, my father was definitely more accomplished. He once told a woman he was 16 when I was born and I was ten years younger than I was.  He stuck with that until caught (he forgot to tell me my age). How hard is it to stick with whatever asinine story leaves your cake hole?

(Editor's Note: This isn't all the asshattery around this week - just the "Stick With The Lie" idiocy)

Lie #1: FBI Director Comey was fired because of a recommendation from the Justice Department. That was the "official" story went out for a few days - including Spokeshole Sean Spicer giving that news to reporters in the dark - from the bushes of the White House.  Just an aside, my favorite Washington Post corrections of all time came from that. Because the White House objected to the term "in the bushes". It ran a little something like this...

Who Blew That Lie?... President Trump.  He was interviewed by Lester Holt and said, he was going to fire Comey in any case, regardless of the report. He didn't like the FBI Russian Investigation.  He then said his spokepoeople couldn't always be right.

Lie #2: The day after the firing (because Trump's Campaign was being investigated for colluding with the Russians!), Trump met with the Russian Foreign Minister and Russian Ambassador (which  we only know about because the Russian News Service was let in, not American news!) - Trump let fly an intel secret that wasn't to be shared with anyone. Not our real allies, not most people in the administration - defiantly not with our frenemy Russia. The reason is because it comes from a mid-east ally that doesn't want it sources known because it puts them at risk of death and losing access to more secrets.

Trump's team (including his Secretary of Defense!) came out and said Trump didn't give sources or methods (which isn't what anyone reported in any case).

The Russian spokeshole told Russian media it was "Fake News" and never happened.

Fox News said it might have happened, but it was probably no big deal because it was an accident. "On the other hand, if it's not deliberate, it's not exactly a high crime and misdemeanor."

 Of course President Trump DID do it deliberatly. Why, because he wanted to prove how cool it was to have Russia's BFF as President.

Who Blew That Lie?.... Today Trump said (paraphrasing slightly), "Screw you guys... I did it on purpose because I am the President!"

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