Saturday, June 10, 2017

A Quick Review of Infrastructure Week

Highway being built
The White House team made a rather big announcement about 10 days ago that this would be "Infrastructure Week." That is, a week when Donald Trump would finally talk about his Infrastructure plans.

Now, if we cast our gaze back to the campaign, Candidate Trump proposed spending up to $1 Trillion dollars on Infrastructure projects. He said, in fact, that this is what distinguished him from a traditional Republican because he wanted to spend money to put Americans back to work.

The timing was, from a business stand-point, quite positive. Interest rates are very very low and there are lots of things that need fixing or building.  Our last big bouts of Infrastructure construction or repair were during the 1930s great depression under Franklin Roosevelt (to help with the great depression) and under Dwight Eisenhower (dealing with unemployment after World War II).

So we have lots of failing infrastructure that we need help with.

So what was the President's $1,000,000,000,000.00 plan?

And we know it is atrue  $1 Trillion dollar plan because Sarah Huchabee Sanders told us the President is not a liar.

He dribble out two half formed thoughts, like a baby trying to eat Gerber Pears. First, privatize Air Traffic Control. Second, "reduce the oversight" directed towards construction. Because, apparently the reason bridges are falling down is that cities have too many restrictions to repair?


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