Friday, June 09, 2017

Comey and Terresa May and You Blog About BEACHES??

Yes.  Yes I do.

You see I am from LA and grew up in Southern California and the beach is a magical place. The roar of the waves (not this little "woosh" you get on the bays) clears your mind. The stiff breeze off the ocean. The shock of the water. The freaking beauty of it all!

If you haven't driven up PCH after a shift, stopped between Santa Monica and Malibu (where Sunset hits the ocean), parked and sat just below the road on the sand - well you haven't lived. You can sit there, not 8 feet lower than Highway 1 - and hear only water. You can look down (south) and see the lights of the city's - they call it the Queen's Necklace. And you can look West along the Malibu coastline and see only a few lights and the moon reflecting off the water. And suddenly the bad tippers and screaming kids and your shitty professor fall by the wayside. And you are in Zen.
Huntington, Santa Monica, Manhattan (South Bay) and La Jolla Beaches.
You may ask why I bring this up, why now? Well, I am here to share with all of you people who love the ocean, the very sad truth about the East Coast above North Carolina. Many of the beaches are private or pay to go.


Not like "pay to park", but it is illegal to go on Ashbury Beach without annual permit or daily pass you buy. Lots of CITY beaches in Connecticut they don't let you go to. Even in New York, they have lots of beaches with no access.

So imagine that you drive to Ashbury Park. It's a cool afternoon, and you just want to wander along the shore in your bare feet and feel the ocean. Yeah - buy a pass!


Beach Access in California is the law. We have fought for coastal access everywhere. WE own to the high tide line - beach!  From the zillion dollar beaches in La Jolla, Laguna and Malibu, up to the tech millionaire beaches in Carmel, Monterrey and Half Moon Bay you have a right to go to the beach. Even you Jersey people.

I think this is what breeds such nasty and selfish people up here.

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