Saturday, June 03, 2017

Everyone has their thing

Everyone has their thing. My grandmother (Zela's) was, for some reason, ear wax.

She was - no doubt about it, one of the sweetest women I ever knew. Seriously!

But she had this weird ear wax fixation. About once a month or so she would grab my little head, shove a q-tip in my ear about a foot deep, drag it out and complain about how gross my ears were.

Then she would show the wax to me and say, "See!".

Well, yes, now that you show me, I see it. But it isn't something a 7 year old sees otherwise.

Random week-end memory


ShellyH said...

My mother had an ear wax obsession; her own. She would use bobby pins as a wax "hook", digging around vigorously until the end of the bobby pin was unrecognizable and then leave the used ones all over the house. I rarely found a bobby pin that hadn't already been used for that heinous purpose to use in my hair. They come in packs of sixty and she bought them monthly. I believe I might have found a total of four clean ones in my entire childhood. You do the math. Thanks for that little trip down memory lane. xoxoxo

Scott said...

Your welcome. :-)

And, may I add, eeewwwwh!