Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I Was Thinking Today About Jonathan Livingston Seagull

So I was thinking about something complete different today, and Jonathan Livingston Seagull popped into my brain. Because, in the first few iterations, the images were so simple, the message so simple that it struck a chord in lots and lots of people. Myself included.

And everyone read it, and everyone was touched.

And then the movie came out. And Neil Diamond released a song about him.

And we realized that the voice in our head, and the deep message it brought to us individually, was best left in our head. On screen, or out loud, the deep meanings were simplistic and self-involved.

And the movie took the messages, almost verbatim, and put them on screen - where they sat and festered and made us all feel like idiots.

The movie was bad Disney on Acid. And we all know, if your going to watch Disney on Acid, watch good Disney on Acid - Fantasia

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