Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Kind of a Fascinating Graphic

The New York times does some amazing graphics, this is simple, but really odd.

It is the 15 Congressional Districts that have the highest percentage of College Graduates. It is confirms a liberal belief that the more educated you are, the more you tend to vote liberally. It ALSO confirms a negative conservative belief that the "elites" are out of touch with the common person (if you define "elites" as college educated and well off).

Now, as a liberal, I would say that people with college degrees and a reasonable amount of income seem more interested in preserving the public good - across all incomes. Conservatives, on the other hand, would say that Liberal largess rewards those that don't work and therefore encourages sloth.

I give you the data.
Note: (No Rep. in race in CA 17 is because an open primary lead to 2 Democrats finished 1st & 2nd )

Now, it seems to me that a reasonable and telegenic person should be able to bridge that divide since we all want a country that works. A more considerate, less caustic (and insecure) Donald Trump might have been that person. Berniacs believe that Bernie Sanders might have been that person. As FDR was in remaking political institutions.

But Trump, and anyone else now Republican or Democratic or even Socialist, face an entrenched donor class that will stifle any meaningful change.

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