Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Mitch McConnell is Clever as Hell

So the Senate Health Care Bill (TrumpCare) is - as one commentator put it - same shitburger, different bun as the House Bill.

And it has faced some real opposition in the Senate. Two Senators that think it is too mean, four Senators that think it is too nice.  President Trump is ready to throw up his hands and let ObamaCare fail.

Now ObamaCare will fail ONLY if the government does not agree to pay an overage fallback that the Obama Administration did pay, which it has promised. These are currently being dealt with in courts, but if Trump doesn't agree to pay them, then ObamaCare has a real problem.

However, as McConnell now says, it will be a Republican problem. Trump believes he can pin it on the Democrats. McConnell says that since Republicans control all of government, they will get the blame.

So, in order to avoid this AND to force Republicans to vote for this bill, he has said that if the current Senate Health Bill fails, then Republicans have to work with the Democrats to save ObamaCare. And the resulting bill will be a hell of a lot worse that this one - i.e. it will cost more and mean less tax cuts. AND the Republicans will then own ObamaCare.

It's a clever tactic, let's see if it works.

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