Friday, June 02, 2017

Part Two fo the Walk of Central Park West

At the risk of seeming frivolous, I will add her the second part of our Central Park West walk from last week.

I had stopped at the Museum of Natural History
The buildings immediately south: The New York Historical Society and the (large building) the San Remo

This is the Dakota, where John and Oko lived (Oko still does live here) - the San Remo is in the background
To detail of the budilign below

The original Ghostbusters building. The bricks change color as they go up.

I liked this view because you don't normally see the copper roof.
What's tall, gold and has a tacky name on it. One of Trump's buildings. This, the international hotel and tower.
The Columbus Circle entrance to Central Park - and the monument to the Spanish American War.  That tall thing in the back is a new 90 story condo.

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