Saturday, June 24, 2017

What is the right thing to do with regards to Health Care?

I am torn over the Health Care debate, I admit it.

I think that in many ways it is almost evil to take away Medicare and other programs that save lives. On the other hand...

The Democrats HAD a a majority in the House and Senate and passed the affordable Health Care Act.

Since then around 22 million people now have insurance that did not have it before (link). Of these, maybe up to 43% didn't WANT insurance before (young and healthy and free-riding on a system that demands emergency room care) - link.

For millions more, health care has become much more affordable (and for a much smaller subset of upper middle class families - more expensive).

Also, since the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010..

Republicans HAVE taken control of both the House of Representatives AND the Senate largely based on the promise to repeal, (only later changed to Repeal and Replace) the Affordable Care Act.

If enough people care to vote to change our entire government based based on repealing the Affordable Care Act, should we let them? People will die - no doubt. But Americans have voted that they don't care if people die. A MAJORITY of people voted for that!

And, to me, this isn't like discrimination against a minority group. People aren't voting to take away Health Care from Black people or Hispanic People or Gays or Singles or Christians or Muslims. People are voting to take away Health Care from everyone - discrimination free. And voting to get rid of Women's Health Services and Family Health Services (no guaranteed coverage for birth control, pregnancy or child birth). And a majority of women voted for that!

I still think removing the ACA is wrong. I will still vote and march to keep it. I am still committeed to keep a system where we pay more taxes to help people in this country that cannot afford it. But the people served by it are voting against it. And so, I am doubting myself for believing in a commitment to something the recipients don't want - or if they do want it, not enough to bother voting.


Anonymous said...

So basically if your "older" or were born with a life long condition or aren't rich we don't care if you die. America has lost it's conscience.

Scott said...

This is EXACTLY the problem I have with putting this up for a vote. I believe in the Health Care Reforms that were implemented! I support the ACA and I don't have a life long condition, and I do pay more taxes because of it.
But I feel that I (and most people that support the ACA) are being outvoted by the country. Why hasn't your outrage and mine resulted in a set of politicians that support medical care for the most venerable?
Is it that we haven't made the trade offs clear?
Is it that people haven't heard us?
Or is it that Americans believe in "freedom" so much that they are willing to let Americans die? I question why my values (and yours) are so out of touch with the rest of the country. And I can't answer it.