Thursday, August 31, 2017

Two stories From Yesterday's Open

First, I watched some great tennis. Two of my three favorites played yesterday (becasue Llyeton doesn't play anymore). Rafa was off, but Shapovalov played on TV last night and upset Tsongas.
And in person I got to see Borna Coric upset Sverev.

This is early in Set 2 - It ended up super full (most of Grandstand is open seating).  Great shot with Arthur Ashe and the roof in the background.

It was on Grandstand and the place was rocking. I watched a lot of it.  First, from up high then I moved lower and lower as it went on.  It was great fun and Borna played his ass off to win.  He was never broken after the first set, even though he was down 0-40 at least three times. He always came back to save his serve. Zverev was only broken once, in set 3. But Borna Coric played the tie breakers much better. So fun.

PS the low seats in the picture below are empty because they are reserved and this was hour 10 o fhte day. They had to make up for rain yesterday. Ultimately the ushers let the crowd into the lowest open seats. It was great.

Borna, as I got lower
Now the second story is kind of funny / disgusting, depending on who you are. Look at the picture below, then I will tell you the story.
 The little boy is part of a family watching two American women (Coco Vandeweghe won). I front is an older woman with the blond / strawberry hair. The little boy is standing because he had to pee and the parents didn't want to walk out during the match (and the umpire was yelling at anyone walking). So the little boy is peeing in a container. The woman in front is very excited about the match and jumping up and sitting down as the little boy is distractedly peeing.  Everyone was waiting for the disaster.

It never struck. Mom put away the pee jar and the woman in front was none the wiser and didn't get a drop on her.

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