Monday, September 04, 2017

US Open : Fun Day, but My Favorites Lost

I went out to the US Open yesterday to watch Denis Shapovalov and Maria Sharapova.  AS the news put it, it was a bad day for blond-haired, Russian blooded folk (both are the children of Russians, neither live in Russia).

Shapo was not on perfect form. He was, unfortunately, on intermittent form. When he was good, he was great, but when he was off he stunk the place up.  Ultimately, that wasn't enough to win. He lost in 3 straight sets, all in tie breaks.

I did have amazing seats, because there weren't any free, so I was allowed to sit courtside. It was cool.  Look how close.

He came towards me at towel time.

Signing autographs after the match.
Maria Sharapova isn't really a huge favorite of mine, but this is the first time I have seen her close up.  She was impressive, even in a lost.  Her grunts are more annoying close up.

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