Monday, February 26, 2018

Deadline Day ... Everyone Takes Whiff
Today was Security Clearance Day. 

Today was the day Chief of Staff General John Kelly (remember way back when the general was the savior from a crazy Trump) anyway, today he was going to refuse to allow people with temporary Security Clearance get Super Double Secret Intel.

Jared Kushner in charge of Mideast Peace, Mexican relations, Opioid Addictions, Chinese Condo Sales and making sure that Ivanka remembers her purse, still has "temporary security clearance". 

Why? Something to do with the fact that (deep breath) he lied on his security forms over 100 times, has resubmitted those same forms with mark ups 3 times, has $400 Million in outstanding debt to foreign creditors and is a person of interest in an ongoing Federal counterintelligence investigation, among other items.

So today Jared had to stop getting intelligence briefings.

Or everyone could just forget they said anything.

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