Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Stepping all over themselves: MemoGate / MemoLand /MemoZombie

For all the talk of #ReleaseTheMemo - the "memo" was been a disappointment.  Kind of a big "who cares" - because it wasn't that scandalous, didn't "vindicate" the President, and (aside from 21% of Republicans) didn't change people's opinion of the FBI.

And yet, the fallout marches on...

  • The Democrats want to release a rebuttal memo (Trump is reviewing it).
  • Senators Grassley and Graham (who are old enough to know better) want to release a supportive, but not supporting memo.
  • Grassley has slapped the Attorney General's hands regarding the AG's memo
  • FOX news, MSNBC are playing dueling memos.
 For the American people, I would like to ask them all to shut up.  It was a clever attempt, but it failed to change people's minds. Be like a monkey and throw different shit at the wall to see if it sticks.

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