Wednesday, February 28, 2018

To All My Friends that Thought Armie Hammer Sucked in CMBYN

To all my friends that though Armie Hammer sucked in Call Me By Your Name, I poo-poo your objections.

First, Armie was fine-to-great acting at different moments playing a conflicted young adult being (artlessly) pursued by a younger man. It is a fine line to walk and he was very good. Really you have to be venerable, cocky, open, secretive and sexy all at the same time.  And, yes, he was sexy at the right times, standing in the bedroom and later with the peach.

Second, to complain he wasn't Jewish enough, get over your bad self. You're showing your own stereotyped expectations. The character is barely Jewish in the book and barely Jewish on film.

Third, just by being in the movie, Armie Hammer brought a massive amount of exposure to a slight and small film. For better or worse, Armie is publicity gold. The movie wouldn't have had anywhere near this amount of success without Armie. 

Finally, both Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet made a huge commitment in time and energy to support and promote this film. Using Armie's drawing power on television, they brought a lot of eyeballs to the screen.

You all sound very sour grapes-y.