Monday, February 05, 2018

Visit to the Morgan Library

We visited the J. Pierpont Morgan Library yesterday before the SuperDuper Bowl.

It was a blast.  If I had the money that guy did, this is what I would do with it too... The picture above is the facade of the library as he built it.  You'll see in a moment that one side held his office and the other side a library of vast wealth.  His son built a big annex for more displays and as a resource for scholars.

His desk in his office.  Yes there are priceless paintings, religious triptychs and statuary everywhere.  The office is about 4 times as deep as it is wide (you are seeing a partial width).  And, as with every good office, there was a 12 foot fireplace with imported marble columns.

A shot of the library interior.  It is about twice this big.  There is a hidden staircase to get up to the stacks.  The cases hold some important books.

This is one of only 15 surviving copies of Martin Luther's points of reformation.  Wow!

This is my honey!!  And behind him against the wall is the hidden staircase. Behind the first case of books.

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