Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I Don't Think People Understand the First Amendment

Laura Ingram, she of the shaming of David Hogg, doesn't appear to understand the 1st amendment and how it applies to herself.

You can say what you want, but others can then judge you on those comments.  Laura thinks that the protests about her are "Stalinist bullying".  But she did exactly the same thing (encouraging response to free speech) when she told the Dixie Chicks (famously and on a book cover) to Shut Up And Sing. She pretty much destroyed their career.

But consistency is not her strong point.  Making fun of others consequence free is her sweet spot.


Gas Guy from Wisconsin said...

Poor baby, Laura. I almost shed a tear . . . then I realized I just had to fart.

ShellyH said...

Just scratching my curly haired hair at this one. Do they not any level of embarrassment? I thought she got it when she suddenly had to take a "vacation" because her sponsors were dropping her like flies, but no. She came back more deceptive than ever. I guess she changed her mind about her apology too.