Saturday, April 07, 2018

The Visuals in Legion balance between Trippy and Delusional

Legion season 2 just started. Don't worry I won';t give spoilers, because I can't. Much of the play of the show is deciding what is real, what is comic book real and what is simply mental illness. All of this shouldn't work except it does. It does due to amazing writing, great acting, and a visual palette that is mind blowing (to quote the kids of the 60s).

Look at these images from the season premier (I watched it last night)...
Lots of conversations took place n the cafeteria - and yes the food boats moved all the time.
I could explain, but I can't!

It is a floaty tank - and it smells like strawberries.
And that wasn't even the best.  The dances were the best. And the phasing Sydney!

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