Thursday, May 10, 2018


On my way up to Boston, I stopped into MASS MoCA the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art and bumbled around a little.

It is an amazing space, with some fantastic and some not so fantastic art.

The actual space is a factory complex that has been closed for a few decades before being turned into massive ART spaces as well as a Museum.
This was one of my favorites. It is an installation of stars meant to mimic the Milky Way. To get to this room you walked a bridge / tunnel with cool music.

This gigantic space was title Art from an Alternative Reality. It was an interesting use of the big room (you went inside the pallet pyramids to play music or wander
There are a lot of Wall Drawings.  I think the artist that started this space did them all here and the Museum grew up around them.

This room was done by Laurie Anderson.  There was VR and music as well (given that she is a recording artist, no surprise.  It was freaky.

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