Friday, June 01, 2018

Back Into the Nincompoopery

Arg! I haven't been back long and already the nincompoopery is crazy.

America is a bit of a mess right now, conflating Samantha Bee's crude comments about Ivana Trump's actions (a current White House staffer) with Rossane Barr's racist twitter about Valerie Jarrett (a former White House staffer).

To me, both reactions are over the top. 

If the country is fine with a president who calls Nazi White Supremacists good people, then Rosanne's joke was tasteless and racists, but less than our President on both counts.

Rosanne should not have been cancelled over this.

If the country is fine with a President who brags he can grab women by the pussy, pays off porn stars and playboy bunnies after sex, then Samantha's comment was rude and tasteless, but less so than the President.

Samantha should have (and did) apologize and should not be cancelled over this (she wasn't).

But that isn't what any of this is about. We have devolved to a place where everything is viewed through a prism of left vs right / republican vs democrat / us vs them. There is no answer to this that will make people happy.

Welcome home Scooter.