Tuesday, June 05, 2018

So I Think I Have Finally Figured It Out

There is something insidious about President Donald Trump that is unique in our history. I thought it was his lack of regard for our institutions or the truth, but it's not.  What I have finally figured out is that Donald Trump is the first President that I have ever known that doesn't attempt to be the President of ALL Americans.

That rhetoric, that all previous Presidents have used, is lacking in our current President. Other Presidents have divided us politically or even internally, but this is the first President who actively states that there are real Americans that he favors and "others".

Every other President has served the idea of All Americans. President Trump doesn't even honor that idea in spirit.  Look at today, he cancelled the visit to the White House by the Philadelphia Eagles.  His tweet implied that the Eagles didn't stand during the National Anthem. IN fact, the Eagles were one of the 7 teams where no member took a knee last year.

He divides to rev up his supporters at the detriment of all Americans.  I might now have liked Bush, and my mother may have hated Clinton and lots of people didn't like Obama, but each of them believed they were the President of ALL Americans - not just those that voted for him.