Saturday, July 07, 2018

Let Us Say Your Order Was Wrong 38% of the Time: Would You Go Back?

Let us say, for shits and giggles, that you went to a restaurant and everything third time, they didn't bring your food, but charged you.  Would you go back?

Let's say you're driving and about a third of the time, the brakes didn't work. Is that acceptable? If it caused your child to be injured, is that acceptable?

Well, out of 100 children under 5 that were forcibly removed from their parents, 38 are now "impossible" to reunite. LINK 19 of these have parents that were deported without them (often on the promise of getting their children back) and 19 because well, they just don't know where the parents are.

That doesn't include the thousands of children, over 5, that the government says they don't have a required to track after they separated the parents and children.

Now I know what some of you are saying, "Their parents broke the law in coming to the United States and separating minors from criminals is only proper." And you might have a point, if that were true. But it is not true.

Many of these people - parents with children - came requesting asylum. And the US is bound by treaty (a treaty WE insisted on) to give a hearing to asylum seekers. So you see, they are not criminals, at least many of them are not.

The government cannot even get a LIST of the children who they have to the courts. What would you do if the government couldn't find your child after forcibly taking him or her away?

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