Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Mascot of the Month (Possibly the Year) Efexor

This month has been  /is / will be too much for me. The Supreme Court is about to go super Conservative. This is due to a President who lost the popular vote, supported by a Senate where the majority party represents a minority of voters (feature - not bug) and a the House of Representatives where the majority of votes represents a minority of voters (bug - not feature) . At no one's surprise, they have delivered a Supreme Court that has enabled and is enabling a systematic disenfranchisement of non-Conservative voters.*

In any other country we would see this as proof of wholesale corruption (as we do in Turkey), but here it is unremarked upon.

The only thing getting me through this is Efexor and Xanax.

* This session the Supreme Court allowed Ohio to purge voter rolls after 2 missed elections; allowed Texas to keep undemocratic gerrymandering; forbade Wisconsin from abolishing undemocratic gerrymandering; reduced the power of public sector Unions.  All of these decisions gave more power to the Republican Party.

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