Monday, July 02, 2018

Straight White Men SUPER Early Look

Kelly was in town this week-end with a friend. The four of us went a new show called "Straight White Men." This is NOT a review, it is a reaction.

It's not a review because it would be majorly unfair. It was only the 3rd show, and only the 5th day a new father was in it - Tom Skerrit pulled our 5 days ago.

Of the three people that had lots of rehearsal, Josh Charles and Armie Hammer were fantastic. And both still look great. A surprise from Josh since he is pretty damn old now to be playing Armie's slightly older brother.

The brand new cast member was brand new, i.e. not bad, but not comfortable in the part. The other brother - that is going to take a little work in previews.

Altogether, it needs to be tighter, but it could be good.

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