Friday, October 26, 2018

Correction ...We Are, In Many Ways, The Richest Country in the World...

The United States is, in many ways, the richest country in the world.
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We dominate the world economically, artistically and militarily. Yet, at home, our life expectancy is falling, we have some of the highest rates of infant mortality, gun deaths and incarceration in the developed world. Our income discrepancies dwarf any but the most repressive middle east regimes.

I understand why people voted for Trump for a change. But two years of Trump and Republican leadership hasn't solved any of our problems. Even with amazing economic growth, the current leadership has used hate, fear and division to drive Americans apart, not pull us together.

No big response in this post.  It is just very sad for our country.

Two women I find very smart (Shelly and Lynn) have both questioned me about this and I guess I completely mis-communicated. By "amazing economic growth" I meant that our economy is growing, but very little of that growth is trickling down to the working people. It congregates in the richest Americans and this trend is multiplied by the tax changes that locked in better rates the more you make.