Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Confusion or High

I love this picture.

The thing is I couldn’t figure out how to download a picture of confusion (I found one, but can’t figure out how to download it).

But I am confused. Funnily enough, this produces a feeling very like being high. Enough to where I am enjoying it.

Now, I probably shouldn’t be enjoying it while teaching.

Truth is I probably shouldn’t be having it at all. It is because my blood presure is through the roof.  Why, you ask. Well, Aetna won’t send me my medicene.  I have alerted my doctor, who has called, emailed and done whatever background message magic they are suppose to do, but it hasn’t helped. Aetna, I am sure, clearly hates me and wants to kill me. They have fucked up my medicines pretty consistently.

I am trying to get them to now go to a pharmacy. Of course when I tried this with Exfexor before Aetna called the pharmacy to say no (they really are trying to kill me) despite me saying I would pay for it.  But what are you going to do.

If I die, sue the fuck out of them.