Wednesday, November 07, 2018


Hummm, the elections are over. They went about  as well as expected.  Democratic candidates did well in the House, where votes depend (at least a little) on population size. They did badly in the Senate - where they are by state, not population - and a few of “rural” states that went for Donald Trump flipped from Democratic to Republican.

Divided government means not a lot gets done - but there will be some brake on President Trump’s worst instincts.  On the other hand, the Courts are approved by the Senate - so there will be a lot more very conservative judges, more restrictions on women’s rights, Hispanic rights, voting rights, and - of course - the rights of Evangelicals to hate and discriminated against fags, lesbians and transsexuals.  A vote for hate- yay!

Well it was about as good as we could reasonably hope for, but in truth, we did all hope for better. Well watch the court for a couple of years and hope they don’t take away our marriage - fingers crossed!

Addition -

I will say, Trump will call this a victory over and over again. He will say it enough that it will sound true. Even though the same result (the House flips and the Senate doesn’t) was a loss for Obama and Bush.  The lessons learned (although I learned it from my dad YEARS AGO, is that if you repeate a lie enough, loud enough, stupid people believer it.