Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Trip to Panama 2

Panama City was the second part of our visit this Thanksgiving. Above is the four of us at a restaurant in old town. The gentlemen on the lower left is Pierre the restaurant owner. He is... (deep breath)... the cousin of my cousin's brother-in-law's wife. Which makes him a second cousin once removed, in-law.

Anyway, my friend Talia (my cousin's sister-in-law) is on Instagram and saw we were in Panama. She and her husband had stayed with us once and she wanted to make sure I saw her city well and visited her cousins' restaurant.

It was rocket! They had a lunch menu out, but after we spoke to him he brought out the Tapas menu and it was amazing. Our best food by far.

The other shots are of various parts of the old town. You can see how sunny it was, but it was suppose to rain all day We got lucky.