Saturday, January 05, 2019

A Made Up Problem With No Solution

Donald Trump has painted the Administration into a corner. It is quite possible he wins this stupid ass fight because we have seen Democrats time and time again cave to pressure.

Yes, an actual tweet from our President.

But it is a completely made up problem for Candidate Trump to score points with. The truth is that immigration is down. We have a wall / fence / monitor along the border with Mexico where it makes sense to have it. In fact, Real Donald's tweets about why we need a wall, actually has the wall in the background.

As for the numbers... less people are coming over the border all the time. The "caravans" of people are heading to border crossings in the current wall because they are applying for refugee status. Drugs aren't apprehended coming over the border in the desert, they are found cmuggled in at ports of entry (if Mexico) or in cargo if Chinese.

Yes, we must have a system of border controls, but we have it.

If you think more money is necessary for the current system, the $1.6 billion dollars appropriated last year hasn't been spent yet.

If you think we need a "Wall" and Mexico will pay for it, you have been suckered in by Fox News the same way you were suckered in about Ebola in 2012, Benghazi in 2014, the Deficit  in 2016 and the "Caravan" in 2018.  But if you think for yourself for a minute and not via Fox News, this is silly.

And you don't give into a bully, it just encourages them.