Thursday, January 03, 2019

If They Only Had College Sports...

In looking at places to live after we retire (or DJT wins in 2020) I tend to love this little town in Montenegro called Cetinje.  It was the old (like 1908) capital of Montenegro. After Montenegro was shoved into Yugoslavia, the capital was moved to Titograd / Podgorica.
Main Street on a May Tuesday
It is the right size for a semi-retirement location, about 15,000 people, but two international airports within an hour's drive (the only 2 international airports in Montenegro).

Sidewalk cafes on that May Tuesday at lunch..

I love this little city. It is quiet and bit run down, but with some architecture and potential. It is like a fixer upper house. Most tourists avoid Cetinje, or hit it for a few hours between Podgorica and the coast.

The old French Embassy (in the Art Nouveau style of the Metro in Paris - same years)
Another view of the old French Embassy

Old Congress, now history and art museum.

A little sign re the building above.
Old Government house, now Ministry of Culture

Old church with a brutalist sculpture of the Yugoslav revolution

Just a cool building

Old Tsarist Russian Embassy

And then there is the building that has a nice 3 bedroom condo on the 1st floor for less than $100K. And if that is advertised on international site, what else is there?!

Yes, I want this....
The weather is pretty good. A little cold in the winter (but not as cold as New York). It is less than 15 miles from the Adriatic, but over a serious hill/mountain, so it also gets some winter winds from the Hungarian plain. It's no LA, but it is nice.

There is also a terrifying road to Kotor from here. It is less than 30 miles on the road, but takes a good long time. Seriously times bends on that road....

I drove it. Scared the shit out of me.
Even though it is less than 25 miles, I don't think you could go for dinner and a drink in Kotor! From the website The World's Most Dangerous Roads...

The road starts in the fields of Cetinje, at the base of the Lovcen mountain, in Cetinje, a treasure of Montenegrin cultural and historical heritage. After 1 hours 20 mins driving, the road ends along one of Montenegro's most beautiful bays, in Kotor, a city of traders and famous sailors, with many stories to tell. The Old City of Kotor is a well preserved urbanization typical of the middle Ages, built between the 12th and 14th century.
This road has humbled many egos. It’s not for the sissies and shouldn’t be attempted by novice drivers. The road is in dreadful condition and requires strong nerves to negotiate it. The surface of the road is asphalted and includes more than 30 steep hairpin turns. The road is very curvy with a pleasant ascent and nearly no traffic. The views are spectacular and particular the morning light gives this landscape an indescribable touch.