Wednesday, January 02, 2019

No. No. No. (In No Order)

Elizabeth Warren should not run.

Her response to Donald Trump's taunts was to "prove" she was a teeny tiny part Indian. Which is technically correct, but shows me she isn't up to the task of running against him.

She doesn't inspire.

At Thanksgiving Dinner she is the too-engaged Aunt that always reminds you to read the classics, "Lot of life lessons there."
 Joe Biden is a nice guy. A guy who everyone loves.

But he is going to be easy to tar with a negative brush. Hillary Clinton was the most admired woman in America as Secretary of State in 2014. I fear that those two years would just repeat, but with a forgetful Joe Biden prone to blunders.

And old.

At Thanksgiving Dinner he is the funny uncle with a quarter out of your nose and a slightly racist, but not in a mean way, joke.

Bernie looked great against Hillary Clinton. He was the only option and gathered all the anti-Clinton Democrats.

With a bigger group running, he won't sweep up all the "not Hillary" voters.

I think we aren't ready for a Socialist candidate. Not that America doesn't have plenty of socialist institutions (the military, the VA, Medicare, the National Highway program, National Parks, the Smithsonian - the list goes on), but we don't think of them as "socialist". Fox News and American's general reluctance to embrace the word makes Bernie a tough sell.

And he'll be 88!

He's the cranky Uncle who won't come to Thanksgiving if "..that damn TV is going to be turned to Fox News or Football all day!"