Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Well... THAT was a waste of time.... (Update)

(Update) I do want to say that Trump's fearmongering was effective. He rightly talked about 3 attacks from illegal immigrants. They came back from Mexico at points where there were already walls, but they did commit crimes - heinous crimes. Like any criminal, they should be fully prosecuted.  And, sanctuary city or not, any criminal should be turned over to ICE when convicted of a crime.

That was 30 minutes I'll never get back.

For those of you lucky enough to miss it, President Trump delivered a massively dull speech that tried to spark fear in the hearts of millions. It then fell to Nancy Pelosi to bore us with the facts and Chuck Schumer to bore us with emotion on the Democratic Response.

My guess is that this did nothing to change anyone's mind.

It did have Ed and I wondering if the President is snorting Adderall or Cocaine.  His deep inhales through a clearly blocked nose were a give away that one could not stop hearing. And his feverishly calm manner lead me to believe Adderall. It was like he was being tortured to sit still.

Now I (honestly) have never snorted Adderall, but I worked at a bar long enough to know the signs of someone who wants to get away from the cameras for a minute just to get a hit.

And now for something a bit lighter... our very own Very Special Genius President reminder me most of... Brenda Vaccaro hawking Tampons....