Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Goofy Friends in Scotland

Trump's State of the Union speech was last night. Let us give it all the attention it deserves and the respect he did (he proceeded his calls for "unity" by calling Nancy Pelosi dumb and an enemy of Americans).

We quite often travel with friends. This isn't because Ed hates me, but after 24 years together he does enjoy some other people to joke around with. And this group did well. These are pics from our trip to Scotland, but focused on the fun we had with Jane, Gareth, Barbara and Lynn.
Pitlochry after dinner (and drinks)

And none of us fell in the pond (at St. Andrews Royal Gardens)

Ed loved the Highland Cooes (cows and bulls)

Clearly our photog on this did not understand camera size

Here Adam Smith grinds Gareth, Me and Barbra under the boot of capitalism

After Capitalism, we recovered with a Scotch flight

Scotland, friends and a heaping helping of sunshine made it great.