Friday, February 08, 2019

The " Green New Deal" Proposal

Senator Ed Markey (D- MA) and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D- NY) introduced the "Green New Deal" yesterday. I have only praise for it. (Summary of it | Detail of it)

I have praise and admiration not for just the idea of it - although it is sorely needed, but for the scope and the rigor behind it. The Green New Deal doesn't tip toe around the problems and describes what has to get done. At the same time, it doesn't insist on solutions that might immediately rule out it's adoption. 

It doesn't rule out nuclear. It doesn't rule out a role for fossil fuels in some cases. It makes the case that the country's infrastructure, which is in bad shape, needs to be updated with the goal of sustainability AND the need to be resilient int he face of climate change.

It has its focus squarely on the communities where it is needed. Not just infrastructure for communities, but good jobs repairing and retrofitting that infrastructure. It pulls in the need of the country to create strong, well paying jobs in applying these changes. It doesn't advocate for a carbon tax, and doesn't bask in a random hope that some tech fix can save us.

It is an intelligent set of fixes and starting points for a better future for the country. It already hasn't been misportrayed, but it is a great start.

FYI - Senator Markey first proposed a cap and trade solution in 2009. It not only failed to generate interest, but was one of the focuses of Republican anger (as a "stealth tax increase") that lead to the 2010 Republican take over of the House of Representatives. He has learned a lot and adapted his lessons with this proposal.