Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cool Video About Great Britain's Qualification in Men's Snycro

One of the interesting things with the internet and spread of easy connection is shared stories.  Tom Daley - British Diver (and engaged to US movie director Dustin Lance Black) - has won medals and is Britain's star of diving.  He and his partner just qualified for the Rio Olympics in syncro diving.
It's interesting because he goes through the story quickly, but gives me things I didn't know.  Like 12 make it to the final round and only 9 qualify for the Olympics (I did wonder why only 9 were in Beijing, were Eddie and I watched it).
Anyway, it is kind of interesting.

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NonQualifier from Wisconsin said...

Interesting...and let the build up to "The Games" begin.

I am curious how on earth a British diver and a US film director meet. How did those paths cross? I blame/give credit to Kevin Bacon.