Sunday, February 26, 2017

Strike Back(wards)

One of the fun things about Amazon is watching shows that you missed earlier. One of these is the Cinemax / Sky show, Strike Back.

It is a goofy black ops show that is 60% shoot-em-up, 20% buddy comedy, 10% gratuitous breast shoots and 10% gratuitous nuded up man-candy shots.

The two leads play the Straight-laced, rock jawed British elite forces guy and the semi-sex addicted loosey goosey American.

And they are pretty damn perfect in their roles.  But here is the funny thing. 

The buttoned up Brit is actually Phillip Winchester who is from (despite the name) Montana, USA.

And the loosey goosey American who won't shave is really Sullivan Stapelton, born in Melbourne Australia.

Okay - maybe I just thought it was funny.  How about interesting? (Since we are in America, I can't really post bookie pictures or I would get flagged.)

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