Friday, February 24, 2017

There is a lot of Wait (and a little hate) in Giraffe Labor

So an Adventure Park in New York has a live feed for a Giraffe that is in labor. BUT giraffes can be in labor for many days, so it is not a really a super active giraffe feed.

But, because idiots here could screw up a wet dream, it was taken down for a while as being "pornographic".  Oy. We have TV shows were blood is literally splattered on walls, but a giraffe walking around and maybe giving birth is pornographic?

If you want to watch, click on the image above. But be warned. It is a lot of one fat giraffe walking around - and very little pornographic birthing at this point. They can be in labor for a long time.

It is good, ready to take a nap viewing though, even with a spa like new age "clin clin clin" going on as the soundtrack.

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