Friday, March 17, 2017

(NTF) BNP Tennis Reception

Last week was the BNP Tennis demonstration at Madison Square Garden.  This s a yearly event, much of  it to go to various people's charities.
Lovely Llyeton Hewitt - laughing

I was lucky enough to go the welcome reception to see everyone be interviewed.

And I was restrained enough not to jump on Llyeton Hewitt.

This is 15% out of respect for Lleyton Hewitt and 85% respect the Ed would beat me around the head and shoulders if I embarrassed him at a work function.  But let's leave that 85% apart and applaud me for my restraint.


Lleyton, American Jack Sock and Aussie Nick Krygios. Krygios is charming in person - which is a shock because he is most certainly NOT charming on the court.

Chris Evert on the desk with (top row Juan Del Potro (Argentine that won the Olympics) and Ken Nishikori: Bottom row with Venus Williams and Andy Rodrick

It was kind of funny to hear Andy tell a story about watching Venus when he was still a kid and learning. Venus is the old woman (in the recent era) ever to be a Grand Slam Final - this year in Australia at 40 years old.  It looked for a moment that she might (good-naturedly?) punch Andy.

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